Alma Mahler Podcast

by Elizabeth Mucha

Earlier this year, Art Sung teamed up with author Mary Sharratt for the Wandsworth Arts Fringe in London. Author of six previous critically acclaimed novels, her mission is to write strong women back into history. Mary’s love of classical music and her explorations into the lives of female composers inspired her latest book, “Ecstasy” in which she gives voice to a much maligned woman, Alma Mahler, whose music we’ve been championing in our dramatized song recital, ‘Art Sung- Alma Mahler’.

What's Her Name Podcast

In July, Mary’s discussion with sister-professors Olivia Meikle and Kate Nelson for about Alma broke their first day download record and continues to ‘fly off the shelf’. Very generously, Mary and the team at ‘whatshernamepodcast’ invited Art Sung to collaborate and you can hear their discussion and our performances of Alma’s songs at

To read more about Mary Sharratt, please visit her website,

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